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Everyone should be able to access and use a secure and open internet.


What does this look like in a democracy?

All members of a society should be able to learn about, access, and use the internet. To ensure equal opportunity for participation, key public and private internet stakeholders identify and address existing inequalities in accessibility, particularly among women and other marginalized populations.

warning signs of an undemocratic internet:

  • National broadband plans omit or unreasonably delay access to rural communities, leaving them with low bandwidth and/or high cost alternatives for online access.
  • High costs prohibits access for poorer communities.
  • Lack of investments in the infrastructure for broadband and mobile access throughout a country.
  • Regulatory framework that fosters competition does not exist.
  • A government-mandated internet blackout in response to political protests compromises the earning power and income of local entrepreneurs who use the internet to conduct business.

selected sources from international frameworks: