Introducing the Submission to the Global Digital Compact

Published Date
May 4, 2023
Submission to the Global Digital Compact

This submission to the Global Digital Compact seeks to contribute to the global discourse on the open and democratic internet, while advocating for its continued protection and promotion. An open internet is essential to the realization of fundamental human rights, the promotion of democratic values, and the advancement of social, economic, and cultural progress. 

The initial submission to the GDC was developed by the 2022 Open Internet for Democracy Leaders - digital rights advocates from six countries - and their networks as part of an effort to contribute to the conversation on internet governance. Their expertise and extensive knowledge demonstrate their tireless work toward the preservation and advancement of an open and democratic internet for all. The submission includes ideas and recommendations on five thematic areas that intersect with democratic digital norms, focusing on tailored approaches that apply across diverse international and local contexts.